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Level is the easy way for freelancers to setup a business together with a structure that reflects their values – equal & democratic.

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Each of you fills in your details, confirms involvement, and pays an equal share of the £90+vat fee.

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Level is a new way of doing business together

We’ve reimagined the LLP as new way for freelancers to do business together – fast, flexible and fair.

Designed for autonomy & flexibility

Stay independent and self-employed for tax. Easy to customise, or to close down.

Owned and controlled by its members

No external shareholders – so you decide how your business runs, and what to do with profits

Based on equal democratic ownership

One member, one vote – so everyone has an equal say in the major decisions of the business

Level: The headlines

What is a Level LLP?

The simplest explanation we could come up with.

Why an LLP?

Why we picked this legal model, and how it works.

Why equal, democratic ownership

And why we think its the future of business.

Why we started Level

The reason behind this project.

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