Why equal, democratic ownership is the future of business

A new generation of businesses is realising that the structures of the past are no longer suited to the future we are all trying to build. Too often in traditional business forms, the founders of the business are pushed by external investors into a focus on short term returns over long term  success and prosperity.

Democratic business is business that’s free of external shareholders dictating terms and focusing on short term returns. It means the business is controlled by it’s founders – the people who do the work.

It means there is clarity on how major business decisions are made – equally, on a one member, one vote basis. This is perfect to build the basis of a harmonious and transparent business partnership.

It’s balanced and built to last.

What it doesn’t mean is needing a vote on every decision – votes are only needed on major decisions about the businesses future, but when these decisions are made, it’s better for everyone if they are equal and democratic.

This is not the business model for you if 

  • You want to give control to others outside the business in exchange for their capital
  • Your only concern is extracting profit for yourself alone
  • You want all the power and control to go to one individual

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